Ever traveled to a city and had no idea what to do once you got there? This will change that.

A lot of people will be traveling during this time of the year. Many will be headed home, but others may find themselves looking for a fun vacation. And then there are the lucky few who get to do both. Regardless of when you travel for a little rest and relaxation, you may find yourself asking three questions once you get there in regards to what you should do.

What's free? What's iconic? What's on the verge of being the next big thing?

Thrillist recently looked at the most fun cities across the nation and determined which three things, fitting the criteria above, should you be doing while you're there. New York was named the most fun city in the nation followed by Los Angeles and Chicago. New Orleans landed on their top 25 list of the most fun cities at number 15. So what should we do there?

Here's what Thrillist chose:

The Best Iconic Thing - Cafe du Monde
The Best Free Thing - Mardi Gras
The Best Under-the-Radar Thing - NOLA's Vietnamese Food Scene

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