Whether you're crushing on them or their food, these chefs can do no wrong in our eyes.

One thing you can always count on in my house if Food Network. I'm obsessed. I'm constantly DVR-ing shows on the network or I have it on in the background while doing other things around the house. I'm very familiar with the personalities on that channel and it's opened my eyes to world of culinary experts even outside the network.

There celebrity chefs on several channels on television and apparently we have our favorites.

Thrillist put out a list of the Favorite Celebrity Chef in Every State. They pulled personalities from every channel on dozens of shows and used Google Trends to determine which chefs were the favorites. The top chef overall? Anthony Bourdain.

Who are we loving in the Ark-La-Tex?

Arkansas: Alton Brown - Good Eats

Louisiana: Emeril LaGasse - Emeril's Florida

Texas: Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations

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