His name has been on the lips of every "draft expert" around the NFL, mostly for all the wrong reasons. Joe Mixon could have been a Top 10 draft pick, if not for the fact that he broken a woman's face during an altercation in 2014. He punched the woman hard enough to break her jaw, cheekbone, and other bones in her face, her injuries required an 8-hour-surgery. During her recovery, she had her jaw wired shut, and lost feeling in her face for 6 months.

Mixon was suspended for the 2014 season after the incident, in which he was charged with a misdemeanor assault charge. He ended up entering an "Alford plea" in the case, which means he declared his innocence, while admitting that the evidence would convince a jury he's guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. He was sentenced to a one year deferred sentence, counseling, and community service.

Then again in 2016, Mixon got into an altercation with a female parking attendant, where he drove his car towards the attended in an attempt to intimidate her. During the incident, he also tore up the citation, and threw it in the officials face. He faced no charges, but was suspended one game from Oklahoma.

But according to the Louisiana Radio Network, none of this has scared the Saints away:

"Former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon visited with the Saints today. Analysts say Mixon is a first round talent, but his arrest for punching a woman that was caught on video has many teams scared to draft him."

The New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins have already announced that they will not be interested in adding Mixon, and his violent tendencies, to their organizations.

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