As "the Swiss Army Knife" Taysom Hill led the New Orleans Saints to victory in his first career start at quarterback today, it got me thinking about memorable nicknames for members of the Black & Gold.

Nicknames are such a common thing in sports, much like in life. In sports, a cool nickname can bring more prestige to your name and further endear you to your team's fan base.

As a child, I used to love reading books detailing the history of the New Orleans Saints franchise. In those books, I noticed great nicknames of Saints players who made a lasting impression on the franchise. Group nicknames such as "The Dome Patrol," which featured the greatest linebacker corps in NFL history, gave me a feeling of pride. Then there is the "Aints," a nickname given to the franchise during one of its lowest points in its history, which reminded me of a time when the Saints were putrid and playoff appearances were just a wish hoping to come true one day.

BELOW are some of the memorable nicknames which have stood out to me over the years. Which great ones were memorable to you?

New Orleans Saints Players With Memorable Nicknames

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