Reports are saying that there is a warrant out for the arrest of a New Orleans area woman for allegedly practicing orthodontics without a license. The parents of a 15-year-old filed a complaint on the business for putting braces on their child without consent, but now many on social media are wondering if the parents should also be held responsible.

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See the report posted via Facebook by WDSU News below.

According to the above report, a warrant has been issued by the St. Bernard Sheriff's Office in regards to Aireon Davis practicing dentistry without a proper license. The 28-year-old was last known to be living in Arabi, LA - just outside of New Orleans.

The report includes word from authorities that say they received a complaint about Davis putting braces on a 15-year-old child without her parent's consent, all while charging them for the service.

Authorities found that Davis was advertising her business on Instagram while running it out of her apartment. The report says that they later executed a search warrant at Davis' apartment, finding orthodontics equipment inside.

As the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office continues their investigation, some on social media are curious about the circumstances of this case.

With a 15-year-old allegedly receiving orthodontics services out of an apartment, some wonder how the parents who filed the complaint with authorities did not know the dental procedures were happening to their daughter.

See some comments from the Facebook post from WDSU below.

One commenter in particular went into depth on why they believed the parents were aware of the dental work being done all along.

Another Facebook user questioned the reasoning behind the parents being at fault. See the response here.

With authorities still investigating the situation and in search of Davis, there is plenty of room for social media to speculate around how a 15-year-old could go so far as to getting braces put on without parents knowing about it.

It doesn't make much sense that a teenager would decide on their own to get braces put on and attempt to hide it from their parents. Like the Facebook commenter said, getting braces on is usually a positive thing - so why would a child keep that secret from their parents or make that decision on their own?

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After all, getting braces is a pretty tough secret to keep from your parents. I mean, the first night at dinner it would be highly noticeable that the child had gotten braces. Plus, the family was charged for the services. Also, dental procedures such as putting on braces take a good amount of time. Where were the parents during this time? How did the child get to the apartment for the service?

The theory of the parents of the 15-year-old being aware of the orthodontics operation happening to their child all along may have legs, but all we can do is speculate for now.

Were they unhappy with the service and complained so that they did not have to foot the bill? Or did they actually get good service and plan to file a complaint all along to avoid payments? The theories in these Facebook comments have a reasonable amount of sense behind them.

But, we will have to wait until the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office concludes their investigation to get down to the truth of it all.

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