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If you're a fan of HGTV, you're not alone. The channel has exploded over the last decade, as they've put new spins on older TV concepts. I mean, if you really think about it, the whole channel is based on different versions of "This Old House".

You might not think that's fair, but based on this recent research the most popular shows on the channel can all be traced back to pioneers like Bob Vila.

The research I'm talking about was put together by landscaping website MichiganBulb.com. In their research, they looked at what the most popular HGTV show was in the United States, and in each state, based on Google search data. Their results are actually pretty interesting, not because any one show is substantially different from one another, but because state's had drastically different results, even though the shows are all very similar.

Which likely indicates that viewers in different state's may prefer specific HOSTS over SHOWS. But that's my assumption, not supported by any facts or research.

Anyway, you can see the favorites in each state here, and below we will break down the Top 5 shows in Louisiana.

Top 5 HGTV Shows in Louisiana

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