A new report from Business Insider says members of Congress are introducing a plan to provide Americans $2,000 a month until the COVID-19 outbreak is over. This new plan would be a more robust version of the stimulus package that provided some Americans with $1,200 one-time payments.

The proposal is being introduced by Representative Tim Ryan from Ohio and Representative Ro Khanna of California.

The report says these new payments would last for at least 6 months, and would go to all Americans over the age of 16, who make less than $130,000 a year. Qualifying families would also receive an additional $500 per child.

It's called The Emergency Money for the People Act, and has an additional 17 members of Congress who have signed on to cosponsor the bill.

This new proposal is coming from Khanna, because he was critical of the first stimulus package. He has consistantly pointed out that a one-time $1,200 payment is not enough for most Americans to pay bills and buy food. Khanna told Business Insider:

"A one-time, $1,200 check isn't going to cut it. Americans need sustained cash infusions for the duration of this crisis in order to come out on the other side alive, healthy, and ready to get back to work."

Rep. Ryan said that the CARES Act (the $1,200 one-time payments) was an "important first step", but has agreed that it will not be enough to sustain Americans during this crisis.

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