As another year comes to a close, I was thinking about all the little traditions (superstitions?) we have surrounding New Years Day.

Take food, for example. Growing up, we always ate pork and cabbage on January 1st. I guess since cabbage is green, it's like money? And, even though my mother didn't know how to make them very well, she always tried serving up black-eyed peas... Tried being the key word!

I've been told that some people will eat lentil soup as well since lentils look like coins... And to avoid chicken or turkey because you don't want to scratch in the dirt all year.

Another tradition my mom had was to wear something new on New Years Day. She said it increased the likelihood of getting more clothes!

My sister likes to tell her her kids not to cry on New Years day either. Something about not setting a bad tone for the year... Or because she had a little too much to drink the night before!

Here's looking forward to a fantastic 2012!

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