ABC has canceled two of the longest running soap operas,  "One Life to Live," and "All My Children."   Susan Lucci, 64,  has played Erica Kane since "All My Children" began in 1970.

Lucci says she's ready to move on. "It's been a fantastic journey.  I loved playing Erica Kane and working with Agnes Nixon (show creator) and all the incredible people involved with "All My Children."

So in memory of Susan Lucci and her fabulous, FINALLY Emmy awarding winning role as Erica Kane, here are a few memorable moments:

  • Married 10 times - not counting marriages that were deemed invalid
  • Accused of murder
  • Cheated on one of her husbands with his brother
  • Served time in prison for kidnapping
  • Facially disfigured in a car accident
  • Beat addictions to prescription drugs and alcohol following a back injury
  • Raped, and years later stabbed another husband after hallucinating that he was her rapist
  • Secretly took birth control pills behind another husband's back
  • She also had an abortion - the first legal abortion on TV. Or rather she thought she did.  Erica found out later that her doctor stole the unborn child and implanted it in another woman, who gave birth and raised the baby as her own.