'Refs You Suck!' is almost as popular as 'Who Dat' when it comes to chants in the dome as of late.

The Saints got another close win on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers on a last-second field goal by Will Lutz—but they had to defeat more than just their division rivals to pull off the victory.

The Saints snuck away with a 34-31 win but once again the penalties were a major issue. The Saints didn't play the best game but there were a lot of questionable calls throughout the game. Even worse was the inconsistency of the officiating which was noted by both Drew Brees and head coach Sean Payton after the game.

Sean's probably going to get a fine for his criticism of the officials, but truthfully, it needed to be said. I try not to be a homer when it comes to these things, but at this point, it's almost tradition to look for a flag on every three and out or big offensive play.

While watching Sean Payton air his grievances about the officiating, I ran across this interesting statistic from WWLTV.

Do the refs really have it out for the Saints? Surely, they don't appreciate the harsh criticism and all of the backlash from fans after the infamous 'NOLA No Call' but it almost seems like they've doubled down on sticking it to the Who Dat Nation.

Check out that article above to see even more alarming statistics and give me your hot takes.

Here's Al Riveron's explanation (which doesn't make it any less inconsistent)

Do you think the refs really have it out for the Saints or is the officiating really that bad across the whole league?

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