I was really excited when I found out First Lady Michelle Obama was visiting Shreveport to thank company execs at Kansas City Southern Railways for hiring veterans. I had secured permission to enter as a media person with my name on the list.

But getting through Secret Service security was really a big harry deal and it shouldn't have been. They actually took my Bay Point, Panama City Beach, Fla., golf ball that's a key chain and said it was a lethal weapon. Yeah, like I'm really going to throw a golf ball and hit the First Lady in the head. (I'm not that good a shot.)

The media with all their cameras and recorders were roped off at the back of the small seating area, and we were all patched into the PA system so that all we could get was Mrs. Obama's speech. We weren't allowed to ask questions and not even given as much access to her as regular citizens were.
In fact, I decided to go down front to see if I could shake her hand because she was shaking hands in the crowd. When I got about an arms length away from her I could tell she was going in the opposite direction and wouldn't be coming my way, so I said, "Mrs. Obama."

That really threw the Secret Service into a panic, as they quickly tore off my White House Press Corps credentials they had given me upon entering. I was a bit shocked, but then not really considering who these people are. I can tell you from personal experience they're not the kind, friendly, caring images you see on TV.
That's the propaganda the White House is putting out...what they want you to see. But they won't allow news reporters to go anywhere near the First Lady or President at an event. I thought the Constitution guaranteed Freedom of the Press as one of our rights, up there with Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.
What I quickly learned is that the Obama Administration is slowly ripping our Constitution apart. Here is another freedom that's gone.
I long for the days of a Ronald Reagan or a George W. Bush, who would answer media questions on the run. This administration can't answer a question without a prepared script and they even have trouble when there's no teleprompter.
They've actually made "Uh" a word in the dictionary.
You get what you vote for, so remember that when you go to the polls. If this continues, we'll eventually be no different from third world countries where the government is your religion, and your newspaper, and you won't be allowed to criticize it.