This letter is written for those parents who drive their kids from door to door in a busy neighborhood on Halloween.

As we inch closer and closer to trick-or-treat time, something sits on my mind that I just can't shake. To me, this is easily the most annoying problem on Halloween, and it's pretty dangerous to.. So how about we all agree to not be the parents this letter is written for, ok?


Dear Halloween Taxi-Type Parents,


Please, stop this madness. Please, just this one Halloween, park your car down the street and walk up and down the neighborhood with the rest of us. Look, I totally get it. It's a little chilly outside and maybe your legs are getting tired.


I understand it seems like a quick-fix to just roll your kids down the neighborhood street in your mini-van with the door wide open. I know that it seems easier to let them jump out at every single house, before quickly getting back into your car to drive to the very next house.


I understand your logic... I just hate it very, very much.


There's something magical for a family to enjoy while walking a neighborhood and trick-or-treating together. Don't taxi your kids around tonight. Get out and walk with them. They will enjoy that experience much more, and chances are, you will too.


Plus, my kids and all of the other trick-or-treaters can walk a neighborhood safely without watching out for your sputtering mini-van stopping at every single house.



Every other parent


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