This week, my family had an experience at the Denny's in Shreveport. Here's my open letter to the staff working that night.


Dear Denny's night crew in Shreveport,
My name is Jay Whatley and my family and I visited your establishment on Mansfield Road a few days ago. While in the restaurant, I didn't speak my mind properly, so forgive me for using this medium to do so.


It was quite the occasion for us earlier this week. Our family had a lot going on, and a lot of stress on all of us in one way or another. My cousin recently had surgery leaving him in a wheelchair for a couple of months. My grandmother was a few hours away from having knee replacement surgery herself. My brother was celebrating his birthday at one of his favorite restaurants, choosing Denny's because he gets anxiety while out in public, and knew that at Denny's, we would have the party room all to ourselves.


Personally, I had just came off one of the worst personal weeks I have ever been through.


Needless to say, all of us really needed this night together. Some of us needed a sign that things were going to be OK, that there were still people out there who had kindness and generosity in their hearts. We came to Denny's needing something more than a meal, and at least for me, you delivered it.


Without knowing any of us, or knowing anything about our current trials and tribulations, you, the night staff at Denny's, gave us exactly what we needed. Rufus greeted us all and introduced himself at the door. He realized we were there with a birthday party.


Shortly after, you all came into our room, carrying balloons while singing "Happy Birthday". That alone, was sweet and unexpected. After you all left the room, we realized that the balloons were not something you simply kept lying around the restaurant. We also realized that you gave my brother a birthday card. In the card, you wrote "Happy birthday from the night crew at Denny's!" Also in that card, you left four dollars. Four dollars to a complete stranger. Later, I learned that once we entered the restaurant, a Denny's crew member drove to the nearby Dollar Tree to buy the many balloons and birthday card.


I know that in life, we all have opportunities to simply be nice to people. I know that we all have chances every single day to make a difference. However, so many of us take these moments and opportunities, no matter how big or small, and fail to deliver.


You, the night crew at Denny's, made an incredible, lasting impact on my family and myself with your random act of kindness that night. I know to some it might not mean very much, but for us, it meant more than I can ever say.


Maybe if the rest of us were more like you, random acts of kindness wouldn't be so random.


Thank you for all that you do, night crew at Denny's in Shreveport.


Your sexy, funny, humble host,
Jay Whatley



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