East Texans have been spending their Sundays rooting on Whitehouse Wildcat Patrick Mahomes as he leads his Chiefs against an opponent. Problem is, this season has not been the greatest so far for Patrick both on and off the field. It hasn't been Patrick himself causing the issues but a couple of his family members. Because of those antics, social media does what it does best and puts out some savage, but hilarious, memes.

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This picture perfectly describes the season that Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are having right now.

New York Giants v Kansas City Chiefs
Jamie Squire / Getty Images

The defense is swiss cheese, what was once automatic for the offense has turned into a chore, it just has not been a good season at all for basically the same team that won the Super Bowl just two seasons ago. Luckily, Patrick Mahomes stays out of the negative spotlight off the field. A couple of his family members, not so much.

Patrick's fiance, Brittany Matthews, has taken some heat for her tweets blaming the referees for the game's outcome. When some fans called her out on it, her responses were not pleasant. Then Patricks' little brother, Jackson, stirred up some controversary while the Chiefs were playing in Washington when he crossed a rope surrounding the 21 painted on the field in honor of the late Sean Taylor and danced on it for a TikTok video.

Well, as will happen, social media will pick up on this and roast the individual. And Patrick Mahomes has not been spared from the savagery. Take for instance on the Facebook page NFL Memes, this page goes after any and everyone in the NFL. Just over the last few days, the page has come after the antics of Patrick's family in some hilarious, but very savage, memes.

Well start with the most savage. This one of Brittany and Jackson filming a TikTok video while eating with Patrick looking like he didn't to want to have anything to do with it followed by an O.J. joke.

I'm sure there will be some "discussions" around the Thanksgiving table this year.

Are we sure these two are NOT related?

They did just barely beat the lowly New York Giants on Monday night.

Patrick Mahomes in no backup quarterback in any way but man is he struggling this season.

No matter the struggles, we will continue to cheer on Patrick Mahomes and hope that this year can improve for him and his family.

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