Patrick Mahomes is living the life, man. He has the richest contract in the NFL. He's won a Super Bowl and played in another. He's marrying his high school sweetheart. He has a beautiful baby girl. It's good to be the Whitehouse native. Well now, his daughter who is just over a month old now, has a spot reserved at a big college.

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Patrick's finance, Brittany Matthews, shared to his official Instagram page that they have received a letter of intent from Texas Tech University. I'm sure this makes Patrick very happy since that is his alma mater. The letter of intent says that Sterling Skye Mahomes will have the opportunity to receive a soccer scholarship.

Patrick Mahomes via Instagram (2)
Patrick Mahomes via Instagram

Pretty cool.

Patrick Mahomes pretty much has the money to buy Texas Tech as it is so it should be pretty easy for Sterling to go to college when she finishes high school. Could soccer be the sport of choice for her? Brittany seems to think so with the caption of "She's Ready."

You never, though, more women may be playing football by then. Maybe Sterling could become a quarterback like her dad. She could get drafted by an NFL team and try to win more Super Bowls then her father. That would be an achievement with Patrick ending his career with eight Super Bowl wins.

That's some serious daydreaming there. But all kidding aside, congrats on the not even one year old for her college reservation from Texas Tech University.

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