There's just something about a man with that southern drawl.

When you live in the south, you see a lot of things that people up north would consider abnormal. Like cows in the road. This is in no way a good thing, but it is something that can happen fairly often. So, what do you do? You call a man in a cowboy hat, at least according to one of the guys in this video.

The video is a few years old, but that's the great thing about the Internet, little gems like this don't die easily and they always seem to find their way back around.

These two were students at Texas Tech University and members of the Range Horse Team. One day, while taking diligent notes in very important classes (their words, not mine), they were called upon to go rope in some cows who had gotten out and were wandering the roads.

You bet your bootstraps they jumped at the opportunity.

They then proceeded to give us the most Texan interview to ever happen in Texas. It's more valuable than that Texas Tea... Oil, that is.

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