It has taken over the internet, to vaccinate or to not vaccinate? While we are busy having the argument and name calling each other online New York City has declared a public health emergency due to the outbreak of measles. According to WILX "Unvaccinated children in certain zip codes are now required to receive the measles-mumps-rubella vaccination, and anyone who has been in contact with someone infected -- also has to prove they've been vaccinated, or pay a $1,000 dollar fine."

With measle outbreaks becoming something we see on news outlets regularly several doctors are done staying quiet. Dr. Kenneth Stringer with MSU Pediatrics in Michigan has been very vocal with the news outlets claiming that parents need to vaccinate their kids or go find another doctor. Dr.Stringer told WILX "We have come up with a new policy in our group that we will not accept any new patients whose parents are not going to vaccinate their children,". Do you think that this is a policy that needs to take place here in the Ark-La-Tex? Tell us your thoughts.

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