The CDC is warning consumers looking for a furry little present to put under the tree this Christmas to be vigilant.  It seems that a nasty little bacteria has been hitching a ride on some cute and cuddly little puppies lately, and may have been taking advantage of "puppy kisses" in order to make the jump from dog to human.

The authorities at the Centers for Disease Control say that 30 people in 13 states have been infected with a nasty little drug-resistant bacteria called "Campylobacter jejuni."  According to the official report:

"...laboratory evidence indicate that contact with puppies, especially those at pet stores, is the likely source of this outbreak.

Experts are pretty clear on how to stem the spread of the disease that has hospitalized 4 people so far this year (luckily, none have died).  Wash your hands before and after touching any animals at the the pet store, and absolutely no puppy kisses (aka, licking on the face).

So far, this infection has steered clear of the Ark-La-Tex.  Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee are the nearest states with current cases.  For more information (including the disturbing symptoms of the infection this foul microbe causes in humans), check out the full CDC report here.

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