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Where would we be without the good folks at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to tell us when we screw up in the animal department?  Probably just fine, but the not-subtle-at-all animal rights organization keeps plugging along with a boatload of unsolicited advice they are more than willing to share (shove down your throat) whenever possible.

The latest revelation from PETA is that a majority of the 44% of Americans who have dogs are walking them wrong.  On this rare occasion, I find myself agreeing whole-heartedly their reasoning.  Here are the signs you are shortchanging your furry little friend on walksies:

1.  You are rushing the walk.  It might be a quick bathroom break for you, but it's his/her chance to explore and enjoy the outdoors.  If you live in an apartment, this is especially important - it's their only outdoor time!

2. You aren't letting your puppy sniff enough.  According to PETA founder and president Ingrid Newkirk, this is how your dog "reads the news."  Let them take their time and learn all they can from the smelly tree trunk.

3. You aren't paying attention to them.  Most of us whip out our phones to get through mindlessly repetitive activities like walking the dog.  Guess what - to your hairy ride-or-die, it isn't mindless or repetitive.  Your dog likes you, and wants to spend time with you - not watch you play Candy Crush or update your Instagram again.

4. Lose the collar and pick up a harness.  PETA says that harnesses will give you the ability to control your canine pal without the threat of choking.

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