For me, one of the most difficult things about the whole coronavirus Stay-at-Home shutdown has been the lack of sports. The television networks and sports leagues like the NBA and NASCAR have attempted to provide us with engaging entertainment but alas it's just not the same.

I mean I love a great game of HORSE, especially when it's played by NBA stars and to be honest watching video game car racing was boring when I was the one "driving" the car. While I appreciate the attempted distraction I think we need some real sports to return.

Here's the good news/bad news y'all.

Live professional sports will be returning to your television on June 11th. That's the good news. The bad news is that the sport that is coming back first, appears to be golf. I don't mean to anger you fans of a good walk spoiled but come on golf? Yeah, it's going to be golf and it's going to be played in Texas.

The Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort Worth will be the PGA's first attempt at normalcy since the coronavirus threat gripped the nation. The event will be held on June 11th through 14th at the Colonial Country Club. Oh, there won't be any crowds lining the fairways or ringing the greens either.

So, we're going to make a quiet game even quieter with no annoying applause, "you da man", or " get in the hole" comments. I like it. It will make my napping during televised golf that much easier to do.

Following the Fort Worth event, the PGA Tour plans to hold tournaments almost every weekend through late November. That schedule includes the PGA Championship in August and the Masters in November.

I must say I am rather curious about how Augusta National will look in November as compared to April. I don't think the azaleas will be blooming then and who knows just how much tougher or easier the course might play in the late stages of Autumn.


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