The sound of live music leaking out the doors and windows of bars, restaurants, and other venues are about to be heard once again in Louisiana. Changes to the Phase 2 guidelines concerning live music at local watering holes and eateries will apparently allow the show to go on.

Well, go on with certain limitations of course.

On June 12th the state amended the guidelines governing live music. The new guidance suggests that indoor live music will be permitted but the business must submit a request to the state in writing.

That written request, according to the website must address the venue's HVAC system and its performance. There must be at least 12 feet of separation provided between performers and those attending the performance and the venue must provide at least one of these three mitigation measures.

Among those measures are an in-duct UV-C light system placed in the air handling system. The HVAC system should direct airflow toward the performers and away from those in attendance. The system should have a minimum airflow of 2,000 cubic feet per minute. Or, the venue should have an independent HVAC system dedicated exclusively to the performance area.

Again, the requests to host live music indoors must be submitted in writing before the business will be allowed to welcome guests for an evening of live music on an indoor stage.


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