One of the great things about Shreveport is the amount of history in this city. You can literally throw a rock in this town and hit something of significance. There's movie history here, music history, civil rights history...the story Shreveport can tell is absolutely stunning and most of the pieces are still here for all of us to see.

And recently, someone unearthed something pretty awesome. Someone found the original alarm panel from Shreveport's Central Fire Station. Apparently, the piece was apart of someone's personal collection.  It is estimated this thing was first used somewhere around 1923! Shreveport DDA plans to clean and display the panel.

Take a look at this amazing piece below.

If you love Shreveport history as much as I do, there are several pages you should follow on Facebook. I'd follow Shreveport DDA, Twin Blends Photography and Shreveport History for starters. There's a lot of great stuff and great history in this town if you really dig into it.

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