Back in 2004, Brad Bird and a still new Disney / Pixar released a movie about the superheroes that shed a (somewhat) realistic look at the domestic side of life with super-powers.  Even though Disney would get into the over the top characters in tights game again in 2006 when it acquired Marvel - this is their first foray into that world.  As funny and heart warming as it is (Don't forget - it is a Pixar movie), the movie would master weaving much larger themes that more serious projects couldn't (Watchmen, Man of Steel, Batman Vs Superman).  The Incredibles gave us a very legitimate answer to the question: What happens when superheroes settle down?  That answer opened the door to fantastic concepts like super-strength mid-life crises, finding a babysitter that is qualified to handle your wild child (baby Jack Jack has all types off powers that test the sitters sanity), and kids trying to be more responsible and mature by taking on new responsibilities (like saving the world).  I would argue that the Incredibles is the most perfect Pixar movie ever.

Coming in 2018, Disney / Pixar will present another chapter in the Parr's life with Incredibles II.  Presumably, the story will show the family's attempt to blend into normal life with non-powered folk - all the while maintaining their ability to save the world as a super family.  When we last left them, they had decided to continue their crime fighting ways together as they faced the subterranean terror known as the Underminer.

This weekend, Disney released this teaser trailer to let us true believers know it was really, really, really happening.