It seems like everyone is playing Pokemon Go which is pretty incredible since it’s only been out about a week. It’s already more popular than Tinder, Snapchat and Instagram and word is that it’s about it pass Twitter in popularity. Of course, who needs Tinder when you can meet people while playing Pokemon Go? Craigslist is chock full of folks looking for people they met while playing in Missed Connections. BTW, people are already finding new ways to get around the walking portion of the game by strapping their phone to ceiling fans and by using drones. One thing to note, playing the game gives it full access to your Google account including email and documents. You can turn that off by going to, then managing your apps under Connected Apps and Sites.

This guy clearly doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together. His name is Clinton Mansell and he stole an ATV, two A/C units and some tools from Reba McEntire’s ranch in Oklahoma. The total value of the stolen goods? $28,000.

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