Meet Kelly Schmahl. She's a 20-year-old former college student at the University Of Northern Kentucky. Late last year, she was diagnosed gastrointestinal cancer, or at least that's what she told everyone.

Police in Kentucky are now investigating Kelly, and allege that she scammed friends and family out of thousands of dollars.

According to KSLA, a search warrant states that Schmahl deceived her caregiver and others, who provided her with at least $7,500 to battle her cancer.

To make matters worse, the university put together an event called "Kelly's Klassic" in an attempt to raise even more funds for this former student who they thought was very ill. To promote that event, Kelly wrote, "I have never been one to ask for much, especially when it comes to money and material things, but when I was diagnosed last September, financial support from those around me has become pivotal in my battle".

Once police obtained her cell phone, things somehow got even worse when they realized she had been forwarding calls directly to her cell phone and posed as healthcare workers.

Delta Zelta, who organized the event to for Kelly released a statement as well, which you can read in full by clicking HERE.

The good news is that Delta Zeta plans to move forward with the scheduled event for April 22nd, only now the funds raised will go to "Chicks and Chucks", a charity that helps breast cancer patients.


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