After all, there's a reason why we have the term, 'stupid criminal!'

Last Saturday, December 29th, 2018, law enforcement decided to take a tongue in cheek approach at catching criminals. While their tactics weren't successful, you have to admit, they were not only inventive but quite funny!

So what happened? Police in Harahan, LA offered to help residents by testing their meth supply for the Zika virus in a plot to catch users… Unfortunately, their plan to apprehend a whole mess of local ‘stupid criminals’ didn’t work, because no one took them up on the offer. However, the social media post quickly went viral, being shared more than 7,000 times!

Whoever said cops didn't have a sense of humor is clearly wrong! Word has it the outgoing Mayor of Harahan wasn't amused by the stunt, though. 

Meanwhile, make sure to keep Zika virus carrying mosquitos away from your drug stash... you can never be too careful!

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