It didn't take President Donald Trump long to begin acting on one his hot button campaign platform issues. That issue is immigration. It is a topic where passions run high. Those passions are evident by the extensive coverage of Americans exercising their right to speak freely on the subject on radio and television newscasts.

While the pictures and audio seem to indicate a large number of Americans are opposed to Mr. Trump's executive order curbing immigrants from certain countries entering our borders there is also support for the President. It doesn't seem to garner the headlines that those opposed have generated.

People are concerned about refugees and refugees from that part of the world, so it doesn’t surprise me that there would be some popularity for the policy.

Those are the words of LSU Political Communications Chair Martin Johnson. Johnson's comments, reported by the Louisiana Radio Network, suggest that support for the President and his policies will vary according to the part of the country that was surveyed.

A survey by Rasmussen finds 57% of people polled support the ban. This survey was done of more rural areas and contacted respondents who have a land line only.

This is going to skew that data older, it’s going to skew that data more rural. They can try to statistically fix it but that data you have is the data you have.

Another survey conducted by Quinnipiac Univesity finds between 42 and 48% of people support the order.

It does appear as if support for Mr. Trump's immigration order is not surprisingly the strongest in the states that favored him in the presidential election. Louisiana was one of the states where a majority of voters did support Mr. Trump in this past election.


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