I always thought that I was just being a wimp whenever I would take down my ponytail at night and feel a horrible sting where my ponytail would sit on my head. Thankfully, I am not a wimp and tons of people feel the same pain. The bad part about this is the ponytail headaches could cause more issues.

CNN calls these ponytail headaches "hair cramps", and describes the pain coming from the muscles and connective tissue in the scalp being irradiated from the tension of the ponytail bands.

Also, It doesn't help if you have super thick hair then the pain is going to be so much worse.


ELLE warns that if you plan on being like Ariana Grande, who wears her signature pony daily, this could cause serious problems in the long run resulting in migraines. They call this cutaneous allodynia. Cutaneous allodynia is described as "the perception of pain due to an otherwise non-painful stimulus. Meaning that putting your hair up in a ponytail could trigger a migraine.