The annual Community Foundation's Give for Good Day was Tuesday, May 1, 2018 and the preliminary numbers look more than good, they look great!

Clearly, these numbers are preliminary until all donations have been collected/reported. I'm not clear how donations raised at area events held by individual participating organizations yesterday will be reflected in the final total.

However, if you ever wondered whether or not the spirit of philanthropy is alive and well in northwest Louisiana, here's your answer. It's plain to see our community values the goods and services provided by these invaluable organizations.

Once again, all of these numbers are preliminary, but these are the local online fundraising leaders for Give for Good Day 2018.

1. Holy Angels - $260,676.00

2. Praise Academy at Lakeside - $124,927.00

3. Prize Foundation - $113,214.00

5. Community Renewal - $69,354.00

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