This is insane.

Watch as a pro wrestler jumps from a 2nd-floor railing onto his opponents in a wrestling ring.

Wildkat Sports & Entertainment hosted a free show in The Esplanade Mall in Kenner over the weekend and this is where this insane stunt happened.

P.J. Hawx left the ring and climbed to the second floor of the mall and that's when he went flying. After doing the sign of the cross, Hawx leapt off the balcony and landed on those in the ring.

I have seen some pretty daring moves in pro wrestling, but this may be the MOST insane. I don't know if anyone was injured here, but I am just glad that the wrestler cleared the ring ropes and ring post.

If you know anyone that likes pro wrestling, you may want to share this one with them. I doubt that have ever seen anything like this.

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