The Senate Ag Committee approved and expanded a bill that would require “truth in labeling” for food products like Almond “milk”, “riced” cauliflower, and “sugar” substitutes.

Ag Commissioner Mike Strain says it’s the governments job to keep advertisers honest, and prevent misleading products from tricking customers.

“The public assumes, and has a right to assume that what they are being told is true, and this product is exactly what they are buying, that it is safe, that is is wholesome. This is our responsibility.”

It’s legislation brought by Delhi Senator Francis Thompson who says while most of these “fake” products are not made in the Bayou State, they shouldn’t be outlawed, just forced to be upfront about what’s in the package.

“We are not trying to stop anyone in the industry from selling their products, we just don’t want them to put a label that is not true.”

Louisiana rice industry representative Scott Franklin says the “substitute” industry is well aware that they are misleading the public, and they’d have trouble selling their product if it was labeled properly. He says this legislation would fight back against these predatory out of state companies.

“Everybody out on he campaign trail and in your own districts i’m sure you use the phrase, support local! You have to support local! Well we don’t grow cauliflower here, we don’t make these fake products here.”

A representative of Silk soy milk released a statement saying further regulations are unnecessary and people know what they are buying. No one was on hand to oppose the legislation at the committee meeting.

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