Thanks to my friend Robert, I have Real BBQ as part of my restaurant rotation. You know the 5 restaurants you visit once a month without fail? I sure hope Real BBQ is in your rotation. If it is, it won't be long until you meet the friendly host with the most. Mr. Harvey Clay.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Many of us refer to Harvey Clay as a friend, Mr.Clay stepped up to help out hundreds of Government furloughed workers during the longest government shut down in American history. We know Mr.Clay as a Ribmaster, an artist who knows the secret to creating the best BBQ in the Ark-La-Tex. What many of us don't know is Mr.Clay's story. Thankfully, Texas Monthly knows good BBQ, and they can also sniff out a good story.

Texas Monthly was also able to shine a light on a serious issue that caused Mr.Clay to lose sleep and money. "Clay thought he had it made, but the sewer line under the building collapsed and required repair. Street construction closed off access to his parking lot. The restaurant barely survived, but, as Clay said, “There ain’t no point talking about it. You get your ass up, and brush your teeth, and put your clothes on, and go to work.” The street construction was completed last year. The Clays dug themselves out of that financial hole, and Real BBQ and More is now making money again." A repair that was supposed to last a couple of weeks, lasted for several months. Can you imagine this happening to your business? Real BBQ, a team of overcomers.

We are forever proud of calling Real BBQ a staple of the SBC.

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