Over the years on the radio here in Shreveport I've shared some pretty funny stories about redneck ingenuity. I'll never forget about my friend Liz in Haughton telling me about coming home on her birthday to her then husband making her a cake with a drill instead of a mixer! He seriously attached the 'beaters' to his drill!

Or how about the time my friend Haley from Mansfield was laid up on the couch pregnant and their satellite dish was slightly off. She wasn't supposed to be very active, so what did her then husband do to make sure his wife didn't go stir crazy? He went outside and shot the offending branch that was knocking the dish cattywampus!

While those are all funny anecdotes, some of the redneck ingenuity displayed in this video is truly mind blowing! Who knew you could use shopping carts, bungee cords and trash cans like that?!?!

Watch, laugh and most of all, learn!


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