According to Sociologist, Catherine Hakim, two keys to ultimate happiness are:

1. A long marriage

2. A lot of nookie...Just not with the same person.

Leave it to British Intellectuals like Sociologist, Catherine Hakim, who says she's found the idea of marrying someone and only having intimate relations with them has become antiquated in the Internet age. "The Deed", according to her findings is now a LEISURE ACTIVITY, and is becoming less and less connected to real, emotional love.

Ms. Hakim says marriage is about passionate feelings, emotional fulfillment, love, and support. Affairs are about excitement, fantasy, and a refusal to just accept growing old.

So the ultimate happiness comes from combining the best things you get from marriage AND the best things you get from lots of carnal knowledge with OTHER people.

Her best example are the Scandinavian countries, where more couples have something called "parallel relationships" that's being married but accepting that your spouse is going to have have extra-marital affairs with other people.

Almost half of men and one-third of women in Finland apparently have parallel relationships . . . and their divorce rate is lower than the rate in countries where open marriages are taboo, like the U.S. and England. (scratching head on this one.)

What this study doesn't take into consideration are couples with children, communication of sexually transmitted diseases, accidental pregnancies, how the other spouse feels knowing their spouse is sleeping with you AND someone else. Let's also not forget morality and religious teachings/upbringings.

In the end, if her study is true, you don't you think Tiger Woods would be the happiest person on earth? The best guess is that he isn't...and his ex-wife wasn't too happy about it, not to mention all the money he lost in the divorce.