If you're looking for a career, this could be for you.

Working is just a part of life. You gotta work for money to live off of and to do the fun stuff with. But what a country we live in where you can pursue any career you want. Early 2019 reports show that the U.S. economy continues to churn with more jobs added in January than originally expected.

That being said, Yahoo Finance recently compiled a list of the fastest-growing jobs across the nation and in every single state. Overall, the biggest jobs are found in the "Construction and Extraction" and the "Installation, Maintenance, and Repair" categories. The fastest-growing job overall is a solar panel installer, followed by a wind turbine technician.

Sounds like renewable energy is a hot field right now.

As far as Louisiana individually, the job that is growing the fastest is biomedical engineer. Now, you can't just jump into that position. I'm sure you need a degree, but it sounds like a pretty broad field to be in. I have a friend who is a biomedical engineer and he makes equipment to help those who have suffered from amputations.

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