One of the most memorable commercials I recall seeing on television as a child was for a product that was pitched by Ron Popeil. I love Ron Popeil. I wanted to be him for the longest time. He was a great inventor. He was a great salesman. That all went out the window for me when he tried to sell spray paint to cover up bald spots. 

Hair loss is one thing. Another fact of life with growing older is the graying of our once lusty looking locks. Many women and now more men are having their gray professionally covered at least once a month. Why is gray hair so bad?

For women it's the difference between looking like Julia Roberts and Barbara Bush. If you're female you don't want people mistaking you for the Quaker Oats guy. For men it's not as bad. Gray hair is seen as distinguished. But in the professional world that could mean your viewed as too old for a promotion.

Scientist have discovered the root cause of gray hair. No pun intended because the issue begins in the root of your hair follicles. Scientist noted that gray hair occurs because of a build up of hydrogen peroxide in the scalp over time. This substance actually bleaches the color out of your hair. That's the cause of your gray.

There are treatments now that will not only get rid of the excess hydrogen peroxide but will actually help bring back your natural color without going to shop for Clairol products. If gray hair is an issue for you there is now something you can do.

I prefer to just get old and bald. That way I can start saying what I want and doing what I want and I'll get a hall pass because I am an old fart.

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