Road rage is a big problem on our highways, but it's not often you see two 18-wheelers involved in an episode of road rage. But it happened in the Shreveport area this week. Incredible video shot by Kristin Hill Wilson of Grand Cane shows such an episode on I-49 right at the Stonewall exit.

This incident happened Tuesday night while dozens of other cars were in the area.

Kristin Hill Wilson of Grand Cane couldn’t believe what she was seeing as she approached the Stonewall exit of I-49.

Kristin Hill Wilson FB
Kristin Hill Wilson FB

Because of the tempers flaring between these two drivers, traffic on the interstate slowed to a crawl as other drivers tried to make sure they got out of the way.

Kristin says said one truck was hit by the other almost causing a crash before the fight-on-wheels began.

This episode went on for several minutes as these drivers continued to swerve into each other back and forth across the northbound lanes of the interstate. No one else could drive past them. Many drivers decided to take the exit ramp to get around this crazy drivers. Eventually another 18-wheeler approaches and as he closes in on them, you can see one of the bickering drivers take his rig into the median to get around the other "hot under the collar" driver.

But it did not end yet. One of the drivers got out and that's when the other driver took evasive action to avoid him.

I'm sure you have probably witnesses an episode or two of road rage, but I have never seen it between two 18 wheeler drivers. This is incredible. I'm hoping the police eventually find out who these drivers are and they get ticketed for this craziness. I don't think we need these kind of drivers behind the wheel of this big trucks on our highways. I'm fairly certain once the trucking companies get wind of this story, this guys might be looking for new jobs. Hope they know how to flip burgers!!

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