Transcript from Robert & Erin Morning Show on 96.5 KVKI   7/12/13

Erin: In that video that's gone viral, Dustin Hoffman is talking about his role in 'Tootsie'.

Robert: Classic line from that movie: I was a better man when I was a woman than I ever was when I was a man.

Erin: And in the video he talks - with regret - about all the wonderful women he didn't get to know because they didn't live up to his standard of physical beauty.

Robert: I'm really glad that 70 year old Dustin Hoffman had this Saul on the road to the singles bar in Damascus revelation. There's a movie, a documentary on Showtime, I think, 'The History of the Eagles, Parts 1 & 2. Part one shows how the band met and started playing together, how they became rich and successful and how eventually money and drugs broke them up. It was great! Part two is just a bunch of 65 year old guys sitting around talking about how much smarter they are now than when they were 30. Well, you know what? You're supposed to be! The smart guy is the guy who knows at 30 what most don't know til they're 65 or 70, not the 65 year old guy who wishes he knew then what he knows now. It's way easier not to objectify women when you're the guy in the Cialis commercial than it is when you're 30 looking at women through a fog of hormones.

Erin (laughter): Speaking of Billy Joel.

Robert: Speaking of the guy in the Cialis commercial. Billy Joel and his string of really hot, 24 year old wives, still waiting for his Dustin Hoffman moment. But of the two, who do you think is happier?

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