A trainee nurse who faces a year of recuperation after contracting the coronavirus revealed that Rod Stewart had sent her a gift of £5,000 ($6,052) to help with her bills.

Natasha Jenkins, 35, spent several weeks in a coma followed by more time on a ventilator in the Cardiff, Wales hospital where she was training. A video of the moment she reunited with her three children was shared widely online last week, and Stewart was among those who saw it. After his office made contact with the Jenkins family, Stewart sent a check for £5,000 along with a signed photo with the message: “Hi Natasha, a small gift to help you through the rough times.”

“They said Rod would like to send me something, so they asked for my address. I was just expecting a card,” Natasha told the Good Morning Britain TV show (below), explaining that she’s still unable to walk without a frame and feels like she’s “gone back to being a child again.” She added: “[H]e sent me quite a substantial bit of money to help me through the times I'm going through. That was amazing – obviously I can't work at the moment. I’ve had to take time off from university, so it's a massive help. I’m a single parent with three children.”

Stewart has yet to comment on the gesture; meanwhile, in a recent interview, he said he's feeling impatient during the coronavirus lockdown. “I miss work. I’m itching to get back,” he told the BBC (via Music-News). “I keep in contact with the band and they keep saying, ‘See you at the ­soundcheck.’ But we don't know when that’s going to be.”


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