Ron Howard and Clint Howard are one of those Hollywood director-actor pairs that you often see working together on projects, and the upcoming Han Solo movie will be no different. Ron Howard, especially active on social media since taking over the Star Wars spinoff, recently revealed that his brother would have a role in the untitled Han Solo film, continuing a long-lasting tradition.

When a fan tweeted at Ron on Wednesday, asking if he had a role for his brother in the new movie, the director said we wouldn’t be disappointed.

Clint Howard has appeared in a ton of his brother’s movies over the years, from Cocoon to Backdraft to Apollo 13 to Cinderella Man, and though he’s stayed clear of Ron’s more high-profile gigs like A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code, it sounds like he’ll definitely be in the new Star Wars story.

“You won’t be disappointed” is pretty cryptic, though — does it mean he’ll play one of Star Wars’ ubiquitous background aliens? Or maybe a semi-important human character? Clint Howard has one of those extremely recognizable faces, and since his cameos are pretty much Howard family tradition by now, they may choose not to cover him up with too much makeup.

The untitled Han Solo movie hits theaters May 25, 2018.

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