A rookie Texas police officer is now on administrative leave after allegedly killing a woman he was performing a wellness check on.  The unnamed Arlington police officer was reportedly firing at a dog on the scene when he struck 30-year-old Margarita Victoria Brooks in the upper torso.

According to KTBS, the 25-year-old officer had just completed his supervised duty on July 1, and had just graduated the police academy in February of this year.  The unnamed officer was responding to a wellness check on the 30 year old woman, who was reportedly laying down in the grass behind a shopping center.  After approaching the woman and checking on her condition (to which she responded that she was OK), the officer spotted what appeared to be a 40 pound Labrador mix.

According to the report, on the officer's body cam video - you can hear the officer asking if that was her dog.  The dog then starts barking and approaching the officer, who responds by firing three shots.  At least one shot struck Brooks, who later died from her injuries.

This was the first time the officer used his service weapon, the matter is currently under investigation.

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