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With summer upon us, the vacation season we've all been waiting on is finally here!  After spending an entire year locked away due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I think it's safe to say that we are all pretty excited about taking a little time off to relax and reflect.  Unfortunately, those who prefer to hit the open ocean luxuriously tucked away on a fabulous cruise ship have had a difficult time understanding just what they need to get on the boat.  I am happy to report that at least one cruise line is making that process a lot easier.

According to Travel Pulse, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has had second thoughts when it comes to their conditions for potential passengers.  They have reportedly decided to scrap the COVID-19 vaccination requirement altogether for ports in Texas and Florida.  Until Friday, the rule was guests and crew had to be fully vaccinated in order to board one if their ships when the line returns to cruising from the U.S. this month.

In a statement released on June 4th, the company is still "strongly suggesting" that all passengers under the age of 16 get fully vaccinated (both doses when applicable, plus 2 weeks) before they come aboard - but proof of that vaccination would do longer be required.  This new policy is still being written, and may still require a test to show that you are not infected.  For now, the only port in the country that would still require proof of vaccination to get on a Royal Caribbean ship is Seattle.

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