Lady Luck has obviously not been listening to those orders to stay away from Louisiana. That gal with the good news made another weekend visit to Louisiana during Saturday'sPowerball drawing and lo and behold, Lady Luck has produced another big-ticket winner in the state.

The winning ticket sold in Louisiana did not take the top prize in the multi-state lottery game. However, it did snag $50,000. Which is not bad for a few minutes work. Okay, someone did have to brave the coronavirus infected air of a gas station (that's sarcasm by the way) to snag a Powerball ticket.

The ticket they purchased matched four of the five white-ball numbers and the Powerball too. The player did not opt-in on the Powerplay option for the game. If they did that would have made the ticket worth $100,000.

The winning numbers for the Saturday, April 25th drawing were:

01 03 21 47 57 PB 18 PPx2

The $50,000 winner was purchased in Slidell at the Racetrac #573 on Gause Blvd. If you purchased a ticket there, please double check your numbers. If you're holding this winning ticket we suggest you sign the back of it immediately. This will protect your interests in the winnings.

You'll also want to contact the Louisiana Lottery offices for details on how you'll claim your winnings. By the way, tonight's Mega Millions jackpot drawing will be worth an estimated $186 million. So, good luck in that game and if you choose to play, please play responsibly.


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