A student at Herndon Magnet in north Caddo Parish has been arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot up the school.

Administrators learned of a threatening social media post Monday night. That unidentified student is no longer allowed on campus while an investigation is conducted.

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Detectives said the student sent the threatening message to another student who reported the incident.

The student has been charged with menacing and released to parents.

Sheriff Steve Prator and Caddo school administrators said they want to encourage parents to discuss responsible social media use with their kids and emphasize the importance of reporting threatening messages of any kind.

Here Is a Statement Released by Caddo School Officials:

"Last night school administrators were notified of a social media post alleging a potential threat to the school. The threat was immediately reported to law enforcement who investigated and determined the individual believed to be responsible for the threat was a student. While the investigation is ongoing, the student in question will not be allowed on campus. We’re thankful to law enforcement for their quick action to ensure the safety of everyone on our campus and to our incredible parents and students who partner with us in the commitment that if we see something, we say something."

Caddo encourages parents to discuss responsible social media use with their children and emphasize the importance of reporting messages that contain any form of threat. The district also reminds the public that all threats are taken seriously, and any individual found making threatening posts will be reported to law enforcement and will face strict consequences.

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