Even though the sport of baseball came to Shreveport all the way back in 1895 with the Shreveport Grays, their first home field on record via Wikipedia was Gasser Park in 1915 although another source says Gasser(s) wasn't built until 1935. 

Regardless, Shreveport has a storied career when it comes to baseball with affiliations spanning from the Philadelphia A's to the Chicago White Sox and the San Francisco Giants.

It was 1986 when the Shreveport Captains moved in at the new Fair Grounds Field. Although, it reported only has a capacity of 4,200 people, Twin Blends Photography has unearthed pictures from the very first Shreveport Captains game April 14, 1986 at Fair Grounds Field from the LSUS Archives and Special Collections section at Noel Memorial Library in the Shreveport Journal and Fountain collections. The photos are captioned saying the Captains' beat Jackson in their opening game 5-4 and that their season attendance record was 234,587.

According to the folks at Twin Blends, lots of people are checking out the pictures and not only recognizing people, but naming them. Take a look and see if you know anyone!

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