Many who drove down I-20 yesterday past Industrial Drive witnessed a crazy sight. A semi-truck plowed straight through Greg Tilley's Mobile Home's dealership and straight into a home. From the sight of the house, this one looks like one that was on track to be delivered any day now.

Robert Furlong

All I can think about is the phone call someone got telling them the home they thought was being delivered to them had a slight hiccup.

I spoke to a friend of mine who sells mobile homes and modular homes and he claims that many homes are taking as long as a year to be built and delivered. The thought of hearing that the home you were so excited about being railed by a semi-truck just stresses me out.

Robert Furlong

What caused the semi-truck to derail?

There was a police report and I tried to dig up some information but unfortunately, we don't have much information to go off of right now. What I did notice is there weren't any tire marks indicating that the driver of the semi-truck hit the brakes. Did they fall asleep? Did they not realize that they had slid off the road into a field? The worst part about all of this are the mobile homes that were damaged since they are in such short supply due to issues that started during the pandemic lockdown.

Robert Furlong


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