Millions of dollars to help southwestern Louisiana will begin flowing into the state after being secured by U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy.

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy says that a little over $33 million has been secured to help get generators to help those who are still having difficulty with reliable energy transmission along with helping to get money to communities who had to do so much debris removal.

Fourteen million dollars of the money will be granted to the city of Sulphur for the around 840,000 cubic yards of debris that was cleared over a six-month period of time after Hurricane Laura made her destructive visit to our state.

Cassidy says of the millions secured for Hurricane Laura help, the Jefferson David Electric Cooperative will be granted nineteen million dollars for maintaining the power to 11,000 customers who need it while they wait for transformers and substations to be repaired. The total amount of the all the grant money is officially $33,379,317.52. The money is coming from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

While the money was initially suppose to be under the usual 75 percent funding from the feds and 25 percent from Louisiana, Cassidy says that work from both Presidents Trump and Biden, have led to the federal government now picking up 90 percent of the cost which leaves just 10 percent for the state. The difference will be sent to the state of Louisiana in a second payment.

Cassidy had this to say about the situation,

Hurricane Laura saddled families, towns and cities with a high cost to rebuild and recover. This funding, and the additional money we will receive, is welcome to get our communities back on their feet.




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