Different flowers and colors mean different things, especially on Valentine's Day.

When I was in high school, every Valentine's Day there was an opportunity to buy roses for that special someone. I'm sure this happened at many schools across the nation, but my school was so tiny that if you didn't get a rose from someone, it was pretty obvious. I used to pretend like I didn't care that I never received a rose from my current crush and it was hard to watch other girls parade their long-stemmed rose around all day, but it stung a bit. What I did receive though, were friendship roses.

These were typically yellow.

The color of a flower, particularly roses, can send different messages to the recipient. This is particularly important these days since Valentine's Day has become more inclusive to friends, colleagues or even just a big group of girlfriends. Recently Forbes broke down the color code of flowers.

Red Roses - romance is in the air as red is the ultimate sign of love and devotion.

Pink Roses - a flirty kind of affection meant for someone you're casually dating.

Yellow or Orange Roses - these are friendship colors or simple message of "I've been thinking of you"

Outside of the rose world, there are several other types of flowers that can help you send the perfect message this Valentine's Day.

Lilies - used for friendship, condolences or a paternal kind of love

Daisies - a playful, sweet and innocent flower

Tulips - perfect to send someone who has had a recent change in their life like a promotion or a graduation

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