Looking for an extra spook this Halloween season? You may want to check out this podcast.

Podcasts are a pretty cool resource in today's world. I've listened to podcasts to get me ready for an interview, dive deeper into celebrity gossip/reality shows, or even to hear fascinating stories about influential people. If you've got a specific niche for something, you can probably find a podcast to match.

That being said, if you're super into spooky and creepy things, you may want to check out Lore.

Lore was just named the Top Creepy Podcast in the state of Louisiana by CenturyLink Quote. The site used Google Search and Google Trends to decipher this information. The most popular podcast in the nation is a podcast called Serial, but we're into something else the Boot.

According to Lore's website, it is a podcast "about the frightening history behind common folklore." It's an award-winning and critically-acclaimed podcast about true life. There are new episodes every two weeks.

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