Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins leads the list of local politicians potentially facing fines for campaign violations. According to the State Board of Ethics meeting agenda for Friday, the board is considering fining several local politicians for violating state policy.

Mayor Perkins is facing a $420 fine for turning in a finance report seven days late. Ashton M. Jackson, campaign treasurer for Perkins, says the report being filed late was his fault. He thought the report was due at the same time another report was due.

Caddo Commissioner Louis Johnson faces up to $4,000 in fines for not filing several reports on time. Johnson he hired a friend to handle his paperwork and that decision did not pan out.

Councilman Willie Bradford is looking at a $360 penalty for filing a special campaign finance report nine days late.

Other local politicos facing fines include:

  • Grambling City Council member Phyllis Miller, $280 campaign finance late fee; 10-P finance disclosure report filed 7 days late.
  • Vivian town Alderman Michael Guthrie, $360 campaign finance late fee; 10-G finance disclosure report filed 9 days late..
  • Caddo Parish School Board member Donald Little, $1,000 campaign finance late fee; 10-G campaign finance disclosure report filed 78 days late.
  • Homer Mayor Danny Roy Lewis, $3,000 campaign finance late fees; 30-P, 10-P and 10-G campaign finance disclosure reports filed 164, 144 and 114 days late, respectively.
  • Minden City Council District E member Pamela T. Bloxom, $360 and $40 campaign finance late fees; special and 40-G campaign finance disclosure reports filed 9 and 1 day late, respectively.
  • Ken Krefft, a candidate for Shreveport mayor, $2,000 campaign finance late fees; 30-P campaign finance disclosure report filed 153 days late.

Most of the politicians that face potential penalties have asked the board to waive the fines.

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